Core +

Core + provides students with choice, agency and ownership throughout their learning journey by giving them permission to explore and develop their strengths, passions and interests.

Supporting student agency, leadership in learning and passion is central to our learning philosophy. The Core + framework allows students to continually explore their passions and interests in a supportive and structured way.

Students in Year 7 experience Core + Languages. Using our online delivery system students have a wide variety of choice in determining the language they wish to delve into.

Students in Year 8 experience Core + Projects and Learning by Design. Our students take a deep dive into project-based learning and design thinking, providing them with valuable skills that will support future learning.

Students in Watha Endeavour House (Years 9 and 10) experience Core + Pathways. These students tailor their course load to reflect their passions and future aspirations. They have numerous choices covering traditional subjects to bespoke College developed courses and online learning opportunities. Core + Pathways is a genuine point of difference for our community and one which we are excited for each student to experience.